Select Teams

Running alongside the ASA programme, BIBS also select students to represent the school in Beijing international schools’ sport competitions.

Students attend trials to be selected and invited to train in teams. School teams, such as, cross country, soccer, handball, gymnastics and softball hold training at different times during the year and compete in JISAC competitions. 

Select groups also include the Vibe Dance Ensemble and UES Student Chorus, these run throughout the year, with auditions held at the start of the year.  No fee is required for the dance, chorus or team training sessions. 

Select Team- BIBS Select Chorus

BIBS Select Chorus is a vocal ensemble for students in Grades 2 to 5 who enjoy singing and are interested in collaborative music-making and performing. Our ensemble performs at the Annual Chorus Concert and at other notable community events such as the Spring Show, Charity Art Auction and the Beijing Choral Arts Festival held at the International School of Beijing. Students commit to one after-school rehearsal per week. We audition at the end of each school year, for the following year.  Students as young as first grade can audition, and membership is competitive and selective.


Select Team- Dance Ensemble

Vibe Dance Ensemble was created in 2014, to encourage and celebrate students who have talents and interests in dance and performing arts. Under the direction of UES dance teachers, Andrew Delo and Uma Liu, our group has performed in the annual Musical Production at Century Theatre, at Hong Kong Disneyland (2016), at an annual Holiday Fundraiser (2017-18) with the Roundabout Foundation to raise money for children in need of life saving surgery, in an upscale nightclub with Pulse Foundation (2016); to raise money for children living with, or affected by, HIV, and countless other performances in the BIBS community.  

In 2017, the Dance Ensemble extended the invitation to include UES alumni, and these members have returned to participate in many of the endeavors and performances each year.

Dance Ensemble members have learned how to be prepared to 'go on' at a moment’s notice, when a commercial or charitable client calls with a need, and to show the enthusiasm and pre-professionalism they learn at our school.  Students commit to practice two recess periods during the school week and one after-school rehearsal.  G3-G5 auditions are held each year and are open to all; membership is competitive and selective.